Long Beach record store and marijuana dispensary partner to host free concert


Kristen Naeem | Signal Tribune

Cozy Sesh 7 was held in the parking lot of Analog Records on Saturday, Nov. 9 in partnership with the Long Beach dispensary ShowGrow. Aside from featured performers Cherokee and Capyac, DJs played various sets on stage and within Analog Records.

The dispensary ShowGrow, which has a business location in Long Beach, partnered with local record store Analog Records on Nov. 9 to host Cozy Sesh 7, a free concert that gave cannabis businesses the opportunity to share information about the recreational marijuana industry with community members.

This is the seventh Cozy Sesh event Analog Records has held. The events are free, but attendees have to register online beforehand and space is limited.

The featured performers for Cozy Sesh 7 were the musician Cherokee and the group Capyac, who performed on a stage in Analog Record’s parking lot. Throughout the day, disc jockeys also provided music both in the parking lot and the store itself.

Cherokee is a French musician signed to the label Roche Musique. His music belongs to the genre French touch, according to Roche Musique’s website.

The band Capyac hails from Austin, Texas and consists of two members, known by their stage names P. Sugz and Potion 4-2. Capyac describes its music as “ballon-wave” on its Facebook page.

The group Bondax, a British electric music duo, was also previously expected to play at Cozy Sesh 7 but announced on its Facebook page Nov. 8 that due to complications obtaining a visa they would be unable to make it to the event.

The Bondax performance has been rescheduled for Cozy Sesh 8 on Dec.7.

Cannabis related businesses that attended Cozy Sesh 7 included cultivators, distributors and dispensaries.

The marijuana cultivator Honeydew Farms had a booth at the event and distributed pamphlets informing attendees of its efforts to keep the 900 acre farm environmentally sustainable, which includes reusing soil and using only surface water from the Mattole River, Beartrap Creek and Honeydew Creek, rather than diverting it from these natural resources.

Ervana, a marijuana brand and distributor, also shared its efforts in helping the environment.

“A big part of our company is being sustainable. We’re not short of good weed in California, so how do we set ourselves apart from other companies? A big portion of our company is being eco-friendly, earth conscious,” Italia Woodson, an employee for Ervana, told the Signal Tribune. “And part of our efforts is that we have packaging that is sustainable [and] for every ounce that we sell we plant a tree for the recent fires in Yosemite and the Redwoods.”

The brands Moxie and Body and Mind Connection were promoting their lines of cannabis concentrates which are taken by “dabbing.”

Dabbing is a process in which cannabis concentrates are vaporized at high temperatures and inhaled through a water pipe, called a “rig.”

The concentrate is applied to an extremely hot piece of quartz or metal, known as a “nail,” using a “dab tool,” a small metal stick that often comes with one rounded end and one flattened end. The shaped ends of the dab tool enables users to more easily collect and apply cannabis concentrates, which are often sticky in nature and difficult to grab using fingers.

Conventional dab nails are heated by using butane torches, with electric nails being heated through their connection to a box emitting an electric current.

Moxie representatives also demonstrated a new portable device used for heating quartz dab nails, called the G Pen Connect. The G Pen Connect is attached directly to the top of the quartz nail and automatically heats it at the push of a button. This eliminates the need for butane torches or electric nails.

Cannabis concentrates are much more potent than marijuana itself and can contain several times the amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, as the plant.

A bar was available at the event and those who arrived before 2pm were given a free beer.

The company Pabst Blue Ribbon has already agreed to be a partner for Cozy Sesh 8 in December and will also provide a free beer for each attendee.