Council candidates running for 6th district to appear in public forum Nov. 22

Cambodian American Civic Engagement Council will host the forum



In what seems to be one of Long Beach’s most crowded election campaigns, all six candidates running for the 6th council district will participate at a public forum on Nov. 22 at the Ernest McBride Park and Cal Rec Center from 7pm to 9pm.

The Cambodian American Civic Engagement Council (CACEC) will hosted the event to give 6th district residents the chance to hear from the candidates with less than 100 days left till election day on March 3, 2020.

“This is an important chance for voters to understand who these candidates are and what they want to do for the district,” Charles Song, CACEC co-chair, said.

Currently, Vice Mayor Dee Andrews holds the 6th district council seat and is expected to face off with the other challengers during the forum.

There will be two Cambodians in the running for 6th district, Suely Saro and Steve Meng.

“It’s especially important for the Cambodian community, which has historically not participated fully in electoral politics,” CACEC co-chair Laura Som said. “We want the community to understand both their obligation to participate in the election, and that they have a real choice.”