LB City Council will consider forgoing tenant relocation-assistance program as state law takes effect next year


The Long Beach City Council will discuss an “urgent ordinance” during its upcoming meeting Tuesday that would override the city’s current Tenant Assistance Policies (TAP), which went into effect Aug. 1 2019.

The ordinance set for consideration would essentially do away with the city’s TAP because California legislature recently passed the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 which provides protections for tenants that would make the city’s current policies obsolete.

“We’re asking the city council to consider repealing the city ordinance in anticipation of the state regulation taking effect January,” Patrick Ure, Housing & Neighborhood Services Bureau manager, said. “That’s why this is an urgency ordinance.”

Ure said that having the city and state policies active at the same time was confusing for both tenants and landlords.

“To try and look at both the policies and try to combine them–– they don’t really combine well,” he said. “So, when both owners and tenants are looking at both these requirements there, it’s very confusing.”

He added that the city’s ordinance required landlords to pay relocation fees under a certain set of scenarios whereas the state law required the landlord to pay the fees under a different scenario.

A city staff report indicated that the tenant relocation payments triggered if rent jumped 10% under the current city ordinance. However, the report shows that payments would be triggered at 5% under the upcoming state law.

Tacked on to this agenda item is the possibility of adding a Senior and Disabled Household Security Deposit Assistance Program. The program would provide up to $250,000 for qualified disabled or senior renters.

According to a city staff report, it is anticipated that the funds for the program will be non-General Fund sources. Acting City Manager Tom Modica would report back to the council on the program’s fiscal impact once the fund is up for council’s consideration.

The Long Beach City Council will convene at 5pm on Tuesday, Dec. 3 in the Civic Chambers at 411 W. Ocean Blvd.