Long Beach ranks third in top 25 Cities in LA County with pedestrian crashes, according to study



A study by the law firm Pollard | Bailey analyzed pedestrian accidents in LA County by time of day in 2018. Long Beach came in as the third highest ranking city in LA County with pedestrian crashes.

Rush hours were popular spikes for the majority of injuries and crashes. According to the study, the first spike in pedestrian injuries in LA County is from 7am-9am, hours where people are usually heading to work, dropping off their children to school, and starting their day. Compared to the previous hour from 6am-7am, there is a 114% increase in pedestrian injuries.

The second spike occurs during the later rush hour period from 5pm-8pm. This is the period with the highest number of crashes resulting in pedestrian injuries and the only hour periods where pedestrian injuries exceed 400 each hour.

Pedestrian injuries were highest from 6pm-7pm with 450 pedestrian injuries.

When comparing the total number of pedestrian fatalities caused by accidents to pedestrian injuries, they generally seem to follow the same trends as the pedestrian injuries.

Similar to pedestrian injuries, the number of fatalities are highest in the late afternoon through the evening, from 5pm-11pm. A spike occurs from 8pm-10pm and again in early morning, from 4am-7am.
However, unlike the pedestrian injuries, there is no additional spike that occurs in the mid-afternoon. Instead, there is a consistent amount of pedestrian fatalities occurring in the late evenings/early mornings, from midnight-3am.

As for the top cities in LA county with pedestrian crashes, the City of Los Angeles tops the rankings in both pedestrian injuries and fatalities, including 131 fatal crashes, more than half of all pedestrian fatalities in the county in a city with over 3.7 million residents. Unincorporated parts of the county ranked second, and Long Beach (2nd in population in the county) ranked third, according to the study.

Santa Monica had the fourth-highest number of pedestrian accidents, despite having roughly a fifth of the population of Long Beach. This could be due to the generally pedestrian-friendly nature of Long Beach, combined with a large amount of traffic from tourists and other sightseers.