Long Beach Airport to add additional flights, report shows airport operated below mandated noise levels


Photo by Ahmed Muntasir from Pexels

Long Beach Airport (LGB) officials will be offering Hawaiian, Delta and Southwest Airlines an option to add one more flight to their itineraries following new data that showed the airport operated below the required noise levels.

Long Beach Municipal Code 16.43, referred to as the noise ordinance, mandates airport officials to keep tabs on the noise that flights produce coming in and out of the airport, and analyze the budget to determine if more flights can be added or removed.

“In order to achieve applicable noise budgets, users within the Air Carrier category will be encouraged to operate at the lowest average noise level consistent with safety,” the code stated. “This encouragement will be permitting increases in the number of allowed Air Carrier Flights if the Air Carrier user group achieves compliance with the CNEL budget established […] as determined in the annual basis.”

In a Dec. 11 memo to the city council, LGB Director Cynthia Guidry stated that the Oct. 1, 2018 through Sept. 30, 2019 noise budget analysis allows for three supplemental flight slots to be allocated.

In the next 30 days, Hawaiian, Delta and Southwest Airlines–– which were listed on LGB’s Supplemental Flight Slot Waiting List–– will be offered one of three open slots to add a flight to their schedules.

The flight slots will be awarded for a year, according to the memo.