Police release footage of north Long Beach bar shooting


Courtesy Long Beach Police Department

Pictured is a still image of body-camera footage the Long Beach Police Department released Friday, Dec. 20, recorded during a deadly officer-involved shooting that took place at Bottoms up Tavern in north Long Beach on Oct. 23.

The Long Beach Police Department released body-camera and security-camera footage last week of a deadly officer-involved shooting that took place Oct. 23 inside the Bottoms Up tavern in north Long Beach.

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Police posted the footage on the department’s website in accordance with transparency laws Senate Bill 1421 and Assembly Bill 748.

[Editor’s note: The footage is graphic. Viewer Discretion is advised]

The night of the shooting, security-camera footage shows the suspect, who was later identified as Delfon Garnell Kinney, walking up to a man and shooting him in the upper torso. Police said the man received non-life threatening wounds.

Following the shooting, patrons standing outside the bar waived down an officer, who was patrolling in the 1700 block of East Artesia Boulevard at about 12:20am. They told the officer that a shooting had taken place inside the bar.

The video then cuts to a side-by-side shot of the officer’s body camera and the bar’s security camera. More shots coming from inside the bar are heard from the outside, prompting the officer to draw his weapon and approach the door.

While the officer is outside reporting the situation on his radio, Kinney is seen moving into a different part of the bar and fatally shooting a male victim, who was later identified as Manuel Eugenio Marquez, an employee of the bar.

The footage then shows the moment when Kinney is shot, and the officer is heard calling for backup.

In the briefing video, police stated that seven 911 calls were made when the shooting took place. Some of the calls were made from patrons still inside the building as the incident took place.

A SWAT team was sent to the scene. Inside, they found bar patrons hiding out in the bathroom, the bar employee and the shooting suspect, who was unresponsive and still holding the firearm.

The case was presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office to conduct a separate investigation of the incident as they do with all officer-involved shootings, police said.