Telehealth program by Long Beach VA allows doctor appointments through video


Pixabay via Pexels

Long Beach veterans can have easier access to their doctors through Veteran Affair's Telehealth video program.

The Veterans Affairs Long Beach Healthcare System’s new Telehealth program will allow veterans to have remote doctors appointments over video on their personal devices.

“Our current generation of veterans are managing multiple aspects of life that are aggressively competing for their time, be it work, school, family, or continued service in uniform,” Dr. Laura Held, clinical informatics officer for the VA Long Beach Healthcare System, said. “Addressing health-care needs isn’t always a top priority given the amount of time and resources it takes away from other areas of life. Our goal at VA Long Beach is to make accessing care as easy as pushing a few buttons on a device that we all already have without the obstacles of walking onto the VA campus.”

Since Telehealth was introduced in 2018, the amount of appointment went from 788 appointments to 3,291 in 2019. The number of patients who use Telehealth also rose from 165 to 1,342 in 2019. By the end of 2020, it is expected that approximately 7,000 Telehealth video appointments will occur in 2020.

To learn more visit the Long Beach Veterans Affairs website.