Jimmy E's Bar and Grill will open to the public on Feb. 1, a day before Super Bowl LIV. (Sebastian Echeverry )
Jimmy E's Bar and Grill will open to the public on Feb. 1, a day before Super Bowl LIV.

Sebastian Echeverry

Game-day ready

Jimmy E’s Bar and Grill opens for business Super Bowl LIV weekend

January 23, 2020

When Jimmy Eleopoulos purchased the space where the Delius restaurant once stood on 2951 Cherry Ave. about a year and a half ago, he noticed that Signal Hill was missing something.

“A very casual bar and grill was needed for the city,” he said. “Especially one with a patio.”

Despite new building requirements that blindsided the restaurant’s development time, Jimmy E’s Bar and Grill is briefly opening for business on Super Bowl weekend in anticipation for its grand opening, which has not been officially scheduled. Folks can tune in as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Fransisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV Sunday, Feb. 2..

The Super Bowl is just one of the many sporting events the restaurant is planning to play on its 18 flat-screen TVs.

Jimmy E’s offers 20 beers on tap, various cocktails, specialty drinks and foods ranging from burgers and tater tots to pastas and steak.

“I’m involved with a brewery owner in San Pedro, and they’re making some IPAs for us,” Eleopoulos said. “They’re calling it Jimmy’s IPA, so we’ll have those. We have a great chef and a great sous chef.”

The ambience of the dining hall captures the man-cave type feeling a hearty sports bar can deliver, but adds a modern twist to it that leaves room for families to enjoy the space, not just die-hard sporting fans.

“We’re excited,” Eleopoulos said, “very excited.”

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