City of Long Beach extends parking relief to July 15



Alternative off-street parking will be extended to residents in the most parking-impacted areas of Long Beach according to a press release from the City of Long Beach.

The program was designed to alleviate the parking impacts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are continuing to look at everything we can do to help ease the inconveniences of our residents during this public health emergency,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in the press release. “We hope that providing extended parking measures will help provide some relief.”

Residents who have been using their free, off-street permit for local lots or garages can continue to use these passes through July 15.

Increased courtesy parking time for on-street parking meters will continue. 15 minutes of free parking is allowed on all on-street parking meters for people who are picking up food from local restaurants. The green button on the parking meter must be pressed in order to claim the free 15 minutes of parking.

More information about parking in Long Beach is available here.