Triathlete Shangrila Rendon to attempt Guinness World Record in Long Beach

The goal is to complete 34 Ironman triathlons in 34 consecutive days to fundraise for abused children, women and individuals with PTSD


Image via Feisty Fox Coaching

Trigger Warning: The following piece contains sensitive subject mentions including experiences with eating disorders and suicide ideation.

Professional Ultra Triathlete and Guinness World Record Holder, Shangrila Rendon, will attempt an officially approved Guinness World Record by completing 34 full Ironman-distance triathlon races in 34 consecutive days, consisting of a total of 81.6 miles swimming, 3,808 miles biking and a 890.8 mile run, from Oct. 19 to Nov. 21, according to a press release from Rendon and her team.

“Others race for achievement, for me it’s about fulfillment. I’m fulfilling my personal dream. Making a positive global impact,” Rendon said in the press release.

Rendon is taking on this challenge to empower women, help underprivileged children and to assist those struggling with PTSD. The triathlete is raising funds for 4 non-profit organizations that support the following causes:

• Downtown Women’s Center (healing trauma, abuse, medical/clinical help, shelter, food, employment)
• Children’s Institute (healing trauma, shelter, education, health)
• Paws 4 Success (PTSD)
• SJVRC (help children in Philippines and Vietnam)

“Helping children is very close to my heart due to my past experiences,” Rendon said in the press release. “I had a horrible past. I was abused as a child from about 5 years old up until the age of 19. I was assaulted at 25 years old. Consequentially, I was diagnosed having PTSD and severe depression. Not knowing how to cope, I struggled with alcohol addiction and eating disorder for about 15 years.”

Rendond continued, “I was fortunate enough to receive help through outpatient programs, intensive and continued therapies, self-growth seminars and through sports. I feel blessed that I didn’t end my life when I had suicidal ideation at 17 years old. Even though I was a non-runner, non-cyclist, and didn’t know how to swim at 24, I became an athlete. I was able to turn my life around to become a Guinness World Record Holder (2015) as the fastest female to complete five Ironman distance races in five consecutive days.”

Ironman Triathlons are a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), individually consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile run, raced in that order. It is widely considered one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world.

Rendon completed 5 Ironmans in 5 consecutive days, consisting of a 12 mile swim, 560 mile bike, and a 131 mile run in 2015.

“I would like to pay it forward. I don’t want to have another child and woman go through what I had experienced,” Rendon said in the press release. “ I want to make a difference and help others as much as I can. Not just in California, but all over the world. Let’s all accomplish something ‘Beyond Myself’. Together we can make a difference.”

The triathlete said in the press release that now more than ever people who can stand up and trailblaze a path and re-instill positivity in the community are needed in the midst of a financial and health crisis. In contribution to that goal, Rendon created the Beyond Myself Project, whose goal is “to make a difference for others, inspire and motivate action.”

Rendon hopes to bring back hope to communities and show that achieving goals is still possible.

“I’m feeling so blessed that many have volunteered to be part of this project and at the same time excited to see it come to life,” Rendon said. “With the overflowing support and my hard work in training, I can see this come to successful fruition. It’s only a matter of time. Showing up for 34 days will surely test me physically and mentally. I’m ready to do whatever it takes.”

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