Cinthia Parada brings accessible, vegan skincare with Cinply Essentials


Photo by Heather Lemmon

Cinthia Parada started Cinply Essentials, her vegan, non-toxic skin and body care line in January and runs it out of her Long Beach home.

When Cinthia Parada officially launched Cinply Essentials in January, she didn’t know much about being a business owner or about the vegan, non-toxic skincare field and only had a small amount of savings to get started. What she did have was the determination to take a leap toward her dream.

“By starting this business I want to be an example to my fellow Latinas that if they really want something in life just go for it,” Parada said.

And go for it, Parada did, with the support of her husband and a close-knit group of people, she has been able to get Cinply Essentials off the ground in mere months.

Parada started Cinply to provide a line of skincare products tied with positive vibes to her community, something that often comes with a large price tag, at an affordable price.

“Cinply Essentials is a line of unique skincare essentials created with intention,” Parada said. “I only use ingredients that we can get from Mother Earth so everything is natural.” Parada also likes implementing metaphysical objects to go along with a skincare routine such as crystals and smudge sticks.

She continued, “I chose to go all-natural and non-toxic because I myself noticed a change in my skin when I switched over to making my own products,” Parada said. “I wanted to provide the same for others and show them we can heal or manage our bodies with pure ingredients. [There’s] no fillers or GMOs in any of my products.”

One look at Cinply Essential’s website and customers can find themselves browsing through an array of face, body, metaphysical and feminine care products. For the face there is a Botanica Bliss Toning Mist made of aloe vera, hibiscus, sage, and jasmine hydrosol; and a Rose Dust Clay Mask made of rosehip and Morrocan red clay. In body care, there’s the Cafecito Body Scrub made with coffee grounds and coffee shea butter, which claims to help circulate blood flow, aid in dark spots and help reduce cellulite; and a Wild Flower Body Scrub.

Some of the products Cinply Essentials provide include their Wild Flower Face Steam, Frida Kahlo Body Scrub, and a variety of face products like toning mist, moisturizers and face cleanser. (Photo by Heather Lemmon)

Cinply’s uniqueness comes in Parada’s care for not just the environment but her community.

Parada was trying to reduce her carbon footprint and wanted to guide her community into doing that as well with Cinply Essentials.

“Every little change we can all make is a little less we are destroying Mother Earth,” she said.

Being an animal advocate, it was also important to Parada that no animals were hurt in the creation of her skincare line.

Parada is a one-woman skincare company, handcrafting her products in her Long Beach kitchen, after working her day job as a senior buyer for a manufacturing company.

Parada handcrafts her products at home from her kitchen. She’s happy to have a supportive group of people behind her and a husband who helps her during late nights. (Photo by Heather Lemmon )

“I personally formulate each product, make the actual items, create my labels, cut each label myself, and bottle everything up,” the young business owner said. “This is very time consuming and so much work, however, I feel that my customers can appreciate the hard work and love that was put into the items they purchase.”

So dedicated is Parada to her skincare line that she enrolled in school to become a herbalist and to obtain a certification for natural skincare formulation to increase her knowledge.

The strenuous hours of Parada’s day start to pay off when the positive feedback from customers starts to trickle in.

“Nothing makes me happier than when one of my customers personally reaches out to me to tell me how much they loved the product they purchased and better yet how it helped if they had any skin issues,” Parada said.

“I take great pride [in] that I am a one-woman company and do everything myself especially while still juggling my personal life and having a full-time corporate job,” she said. Parada incorporates her manufacturing experience into her skincare business in order to follow good manufacturing practices and a sanitary work environment.

Parada admits that juggling her full-time job and new small business while being a wife and a dog mom, while still making time for friends and family can be overwhelming and draining but she is happy with the decision to start her own company.

“Starting this company completely on my own, not knowing anything about the field or being a business owner and no money; just the tiny amount of savings I had is a great accomplishment in itself that I take great pride in.”

She continued, “To me starting this business means freedom and life balance. A big reason why I wanted to start my own business was because I want to be my own full-time boss one day.”

One of the freedoms Parada appreciates as a business owner is the ability to make positive business decisions that won’t add harm to the environment. Thinking about her future, she hopes Cinply Essentials will one day give her the ability to raise her children if she chooses to have them in the future.

Parada will be hosting the “Little Pumpkin Pop-Up Shop” on October 18 with other local businesses in Long Beach. She says it will offer a fun interactive environment for the LB community. (Photo by Heather Lemmon)

Looking to the future, Parada is cautiously moving forward from the effects of the pandemic on her business, with her first pop-up shop on October 18 with other small local businesses.

“I wanted to create a fun interactive environment for the community of Long Beach to enjoy while supporting small businesses, she said. In the spirit of supporting other businesses, Parada chose a handful of other businesses to join “The Little Pumpkin Pop-up Shop.” According to an Instagram post, the pop-up will take place Sunday, Oct. 18 at 4415 Village Road in Long Beach from noon to 4 p.m.

Although launching Cinply has had its challenges, especially in the times of COVID-19, Parada is more determined than ever.

“You will never find out how your goals will turn out if you don’t at least try,” Parada said. “I have no idea how far Cinply Essentials will get me and it’s still so new, but I do know that if I keep at it, I can’t go anywhere but up, and the best part of all of this is my customers.”

Visit Cinply Essential’s official website at and follow their official Instagram at @cinply.essentials.