Long Beach Airport exhibit looking for artwork by women for “pandemic-themed exhibit.”

Chosen artists will receive $500 for each piece.


CJ Dablo/Signal Tribune The Long Beach Airport operates under a strict noise ordinance that requires commercial airlines to schedule flights between 7am and 10pm. JetBlue Airways is exploring the possibility of offering international flights out of Long Beach but has not yet announced specific details. City residents have asked whether adding international flights would increase noise levels.

An art exhibit showcasing hopeful and uplifting artwork concerning the current pandemic is accepting submissions from women artists through Nov. 14.

The exhibit is being held by The Long Beach Airport (LGB), in partnership with the Arts Council for Long Beach (ACLB).

“The arts showcase who we are as a city,” Mayor Robert Garcia said. “I look forward to sharing more of it with people traveling through our great city.”

Artists who wish to apply must upload digital files of their artwork to ACLB’s website. Around 20 pieces will be selected, with the chosen artists receiving $500 for each piece.

The artwork will be printed out on construction barricades that will be in place for at least six months in busy areas of the airport.

“The pandemic has hit the aviation industry very hard,” Airport Director Cynthia Guidry said. “We are excited to support our local arts community and to display artwork that is timely and relevant for our travelers and the general public.”

The project is being funded by the City’s Percent for the Arts Program, which allocates 1% of capital construction projects to support the arts. The City is collaborating with ACLB’s Keep Arts Working program, which supports local artists that have been affected by the pandemic.

The ACLB’s National Endowment for the Arts grant is in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which prohibited a person’s sex from being used as a voting requirement.

“A partnership with Long Beach Airport during a pandemic and a national struggle for racial justice means so much,” Griselda Suarez, Executive Director for the Arts Council for Long Beach said. “Long Beach Airport is making room for artists who identify as women to express themselves. We are grateful for this opportunity for visual art to be a vehicle to illuminate our lives and also alleviate our stress.”