Cinply Essentials and Pretty Lil Things host small business pop-up

The vegan skincare business and boutique floral and event studio hosted various women-led businesses at the Little Pumpkin Pop Up Shop


Karla M. Enriquez | Signal Tribune

Cinthia Parada, owner of Cinply Essentials, a vegan non-toxic skincare line, hosted the Little Pumpkin Pop Up Shop on Sunday, October 18 at Pretty Lil Things in Lakewood Village.

Protected from the warm Sunday weather were attendees of the Little Pumpkin Pop-Up Shop hosted by vegan non-toxic skincare business, Cinply Essentials, and Pretty Lil Things, a boutique floral and event design studio located in Lakewood Village.

The pop-up focused on small businesses owned by Latinx women, with most featuring products that bring comfort and relaxation. Products ranged from soy candles to coffee to a slime station for children.

Some of the vendors included: Jackie’s Art, featuring original stickers, Esse Ojo, offering eclectic jewelry and Leon y Luna, providing eco-conscious artisanal printed masks and mask straps.

Host, Cinthia Parada of Cinply Essentials, organized this pop-up with the community and other small businesses in mind.

Some of the products offered by Cinply Essentials include body oils, such as the Sage Body Oil. (Karla M. Enriquez | Signal Tribune)

“[The goal was] to provide a space for families to enjoy their Sunday afternoon while supporting small businesses,” Parada said. “Originally, I was going to be the only vendor and have it feature me however I asked the owner if I can invite other small businesses to vend as well because when I make money I want my fellow small business Latinas to make money too and have a chance to promote our creations.”

“That’s basically what I wanted that space for,” Celia Morales Milla, owner of Pretty Lil Things, said. “To offer it up and make it affordable for women and artists to come in and use it as a rental. I sponsored Cinthia, I had seen her story on Reasons to Love Long Beach, so I reached out to her and offered her a free pop-up.”

She continued, “Basically, it’s to help other artists and give them a boost for their business to get them off the ground,” Milla said of the rental space. “Because I know how hard it is. Everyone needs that little push and help to get their name out there.”

The studio served as the whimsical backdrop as customers browsed through products and traveled to the back lot where they found a crepe station, pastries, snacks, plants and more, all while the familiar scent of Casita De Piña candles lingered in the air.

Casita de Piña

The Chicana owned handcrafted soy candle business, started by Christian Piña, started as a hobby.

“It was more like therapy after a while, so it was something that I couldn’t stop making,” Piña said. “I love making them. I love recreating scents from my childhood. I like recreating scents that remind me of a past time or a certain family member.”

Casita de Piña offers an variety of handcrafted 100% soy hemp wick candles. Some of the scents include “Como La Flor,” “Luna and “Lemon Grass.” (Karla M. Enriquez | Signal Tribune)

Casita de Piña’s candles are 100% soy and feature a hemp wick. Some of the scents include champurrado (a warm and sweet chocolate-based beverage made of ground corn flour found in Latin America) and “Como La Flor,” a flower-infused candle referencing the late Mexican American singer Selena.

Piña’s business has been thriving during the pandemic, something that has kept her busy during the ongoing quarantine.

“Luckily, we have a really supportive community, whether it’s family-based or it is previous clients, it’s been booming,” Piña said.

Crafting with Cin

Just outside, Cindy Hernandez, of Crafting with Cin displayed a selection of plants and drop paint plant containers.

“It’s a crafting business, but we also work with plants,” Hernandez said. “I grow and cultivate all of the succulents and [cacti], I make all of the plant containers.”

Among her products were pastel macrame holding succulents and mini pumpkins.

Cindy Hernandez of Crafting with Cin displayed her plants and plaint containers as well as macrame. (Karla M. Enriquez | Signal Tribune)

“I made the macrame myself,” Hernandez said. “We do believe in eco-friendly and cost-effective products so that people can have affordable plants in their homes.”

Crafting with Cin has grown during the pandemic, having Hernandez put the event planning and balloons aspect of her business on hold because she has been busy with the other growing facets.

Hernandez also hosts workshops, private events, and paint nights for those interested in painting pots for their plants, complete with snacks and wine.

D&Y Sweet Creations & ChiliChurri Express

Also in the event industry, D&Y Sweet Creations and ChiliChurri Express displayed a plethora of sweet and sour creations, respectively.

As D&Y Sweet Creations, Daisy Vasquez and Yadira Silva, offer treats such as elaborate customized cakes and cookies and party arrangements such as backdrops and decor.

D&Y Sweet Creations specializes in customized cakes and cookies and party arrangements such as backdrops and decor. (Karla M. Enriquez | Signal Tribune )

According to Silva, because of the pandemic, they just started Chilichurri Express, which offers treats and refreshments that can be delivered and also offer catering.

“It has helped us a lot and we’re grateful to be here,” Silva said.

ChiliChurri Express offers a refreshing Chilichurri snack consisting of jicama, cucumber, cueritos (pork rind), ChacaChaca (tamarind candy), Japanese peanuts, churritos (corn sticks) and a prepared clamato sauce, Chilichurri Express also offers ceviche and aguachile. (Karla M. Enriquez | Signal Tribune )

Although the main attraction is the refreshing Chilichurri snack consisting of jicama, cucumber, cueritos (pork rind), ChacaChaca (tamarind candy), Japanese peanuts, churritos (corn sticks) and a prepared clamato sauce, Chilichurri Express also offers ceviche and aguachile.

Ceviche is a dish typically made with raw fish containing fresh citrus juices and spice and other seasonings while aguachile is a dish made of shrimp drenched in lime and chili pepper seasoning also containing salt, cilantro cucumber and onion.

Because patrons enjoyed the Chilichurri mix so much, micheladas have also been added to the menu.

Krazy Crepes

Krazy Crepes has been in business for a year and a half and offers crepe catering for all occasions. (Karla M. Enriquez | Signal Tribune )

Just across the way, Krazy Crepes, owned by Maria Elena Castaneda, offered a crepe station ready to bring any crepe desire to life.

Castaneda, who said her business took a hit during the pandemic, has been trying to help other vendors who are going through a similar fate.

“I know that’s their main income and this was like a side business for me so I just want to help out other vendors as well and just get more traffic.”

Slime Gets Lit

To help ease stress, Katie Gonzales, of Slime Gets Lit offered a selection of therapeutic slime. A tower of Halloween themed slime such as the textured fluorescent purple slime titled, “Trick or Treat” or the bright orange “Pumpkin Guts” glistened in the October sun. To keep with the theme, Gonzales also displayed her Nightmare Before Christmas slime series.

Aside from Halloween-themed therapeutic slime, Slime Gets Lit, also displayed its Nightmare Before Christmas series. (Karla M. Enriquez | Signal Tribune)

“I’m actually doing my first slime session today, like at a pop-up,” Gonzales said. “It was pretty fun, the kids had fun.” Gonzales regularly offers slime parties, stations and classes.

A Lunar Gem

Upon entering Pretty Lil Things studio, home-made natural self-care business, A Lunar Gem, offered a variety of essential oils and smudge sprays.

A Lunar Gem started during the pandemic and offers a variety of essential oils and smudge sprays. (Karla M. Enriquez | Signal Tribune )

“I started because I am a very anxious person so I dove into essential oils and how they help you and how different ones help you basically calm down and stay present,” Athenea Hernandez said. “I also reiki (positive energy that helps with feeling) infuse my oils.”

Athenea Hernandez started Lunar Gem during the pandemic when she found herself out of work for six months.

“I was like ‘okay this is the perfect time I would want to do this,’ so I ventured out into doing it and it’s been actually really good for a starting business. I sold out my first two batches and it’s been really great. I’m really excited to expand, you know slowly.”

As patrons left Pretty Lil Things, the aroma of coffee from small-batch coffee roasters, Always Coffee, accompanied them to their cars.

Pretty Lil Things is located at 4415 E Village Road.