Thoughts from the polls: How are residents feeling on Election Day?


Voters share their thoughts on Election Day. (Photo Illustration by Emma DiMaggio | Signal Tribune)

Reporters from the Signal Tribune are visiting polling places to get voters’ thoughts on Election Day.

This story will continue to be updated as we receive more interviews from the field.

Signal Hill Park Community Center

Gloria Craig has been a poll worker for the past seven years. She voted at the Signal Hill Park Community Center. (Lissette Mendoza | Signal Tribune)

I’m usually a mail-by-vote voter, but today I just wanted to experience because it’s history with everything going on, with COVID-19. So I really took advantage, to just walk in there and just have the whole experience. It was very quick and very efficient. (I’m a poll worker) just because being among the people, seeing the excitement of the people togetherness and community, that everybody wants this to be a better society for everybody overall. I feel all elections are important, no matter what the year is.”

— Gloria Craig, longtime poll worker

Bryant Patton voted around noon at the Signal Hill Park Community Center.(Emma DiMaggio | Signal Tribune)

I’m comparing it to the last election. It’s the same thing all over again, we’ve got two candidates we’ve got to hold our nose to vote for.”

— Bryant Patton

Reginald Chamberlain and Dianna Salazar voted at Signal Hill Park. Chamberlain is Deaf, so Salazar translated his answers for him. (Emma DiMaggio | Signal Tribune)

It’s my first time voting. I’m happy about voting for the first time. I voted for Biden. I want change.”

— Reginald Chamberlain, 26

Tiffany Dyer at the Signal Hill Park Community Center. (Emma DiMaggio | Signal Tribune)

I feel like everyone has a voice and they should use it. Voting is not only for a presidential candidate, it’s also for things you would want to see changed, like for example taxes and stuff, so it’s more than just one person. I feel like [people] should definitely utilize their voices and vote. If you have the option to vote, why not?”

— Tiffany Dyer

Nicole Hollins voted at the Signal Hill Park Community Center around noon. (Lissette Mendoza | Signal Tribune)

“It’s chaotic. It feels like an eerie, weird situation because of the pandemic.” ”

— Nicole Hollins, Signal Hill Resident

Carmelitos Community Center

I just feel like it’s my duty as a citizen, especially when there’s so much going on. There’s no reason not to vote. It’s just I feel like it’s lazy not to. That’s it, just wanting to see a change.””

— a voter who preferred to stay anonymous, outside the Carmelitos Community Center.