LIVE: Signal Hill and Long Beach election results


Photo Illustration by Emma DiMaggio | Signal Tribune

As voting counts roll in from the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office, the Signal Tribune will be releasing live updates on Long Beach and Signal Hill election results.

The results below are not indicative of a winner. Rather, these numbers represent the total number of votes counted so far.

Results will be released in the following order:
•All early vote-by-mail ballots received prior to Election Day
•All early in-person ballots cast in a vote center in the past 10 days
•All ballots cast at a vote center on Election Day

Los Angeles County Registrar representative Mike Sanchez said the count would be ongoing throughout the night.

“In March we got done counting election night around five in the morning,” Sanchez said. “I hope we don’t have to stay that late, but we’re going to be here until we count everything that was received at a vote center today.”

Vote-by-mail ballots received after election day, same-day registration ballots and provisional ballots will be released in the Los Angeles County Registrar’s post-election canvas.

All ballots are transported by sheriff’s to the registrar’s Downey operation center, Sanchez said. Once they’re received by operations staff, they’ll be transported to a room to be inspected and prepared. Those ballots are placed in a tray, which goes to the tally room to be officially counted.

“That’s on a flow basis all night until we get every ballot back,” Sanchez said.

The Signal Tribune will be tracking local counts periodically using the Los Angeles County Registrar website.

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