Letter to the Editor: Addressing Signal Hill speeding concerns


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Hill Street, West of Cherry Avenue.

To the Editor,

To put it frankly, Hill St. just west of Cherry Ave. is a speedway. For years now I’ve been witness to a daily onslaught of HUNDREDS of irresponsible drivers traversing through a PARK, PLAYGROUND, COMMUNITY CENTER, SCHOOL, and RESIDENTAL street. And every time I send in a complaint by using your city’s website, it gets routed to a police representative and nothing happens (other than maybe once a speed monitoring trailer being set for a couple of days). This two lane residential road, with pedestrians, driveways, and parking on both sides is being ignored. The permitted 30 MPH zone on a steep decline with NO enforcement or monitoring is frustrating to witness. The neighborhoods in the Signal Hill/Long Beach have many areas with a 25 MPH speed limit set, even on 4-LANE ROADS (example Stearns St), and yet the 2-lane Hill St. is unchanged and unmonitored, when once again, it is a PARK, PLAYGROUND, COMMUNITY CENTER, SCHOOL, and RESIDENTAL neighborhood.

I’ve seen proposals to “develop” community friendly living up by Mothers Market, and yet those who live right next to an existing park, and the CITY HALL, can barely cross the street without fear of being ran over! Would speed inhibitor(s) bankrupt the city? Would adding a speed inhibitor and reducing the speed limit (and enforcing it regularly) cause unbearable traffic? No. It wouldn’t. So, I ask you, with a footprint of 2.189 mi², why is this street I live off of not a concern to you?

I could go on about how during times when things are “normal” and seeing 20-40 children walking from the elementary school to the park after school program with cars flying by at 40+ MPH, but I hope you have gotten the point. This street is dangerous and is only awaiting a serious accident.

Michael Boudreau
Signal Hill Resident

P.S. This does not even address the speeding of full on semi-tractor-trailers and other warehouse trucks that also cut through, which again, is absurd for a residential street. Please consider adding a designation for Hill St. to be not a trucking route.