Cancelled meeting stirs up trouble

By Joseph Serna, Staff Writer

At the April 2 Long Beach Special Election proposition forum, residents got a glimpse of a storm brewing within the Wrigley Association.
“Unfortunately this organization sometimes does air its laundry in public,” Association President Alan Tolkoff would say at the time. Former Association President Joan Greenwood repeatedly interrupted Tolkoff during his introduction of the panel speakers.
In a voice loud enough to be heard in the back of the hall, Greenwood at least twice called for a “point of order” arguing the Association’s agenda was not being addressed during the meeting.
The Wrigley Association meets the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Veterans Park Community Center at 101 E. 28th Street in Long Beach, but April’s was cancelled only 48 hours prior to the meeting–setting the scene for Wrigley members to either arrive in confusion, or in frustration over the last-minute cancellation.
The dispute stems from the Wrigley board’s separation of the Daisy Avenue Christmas Tree Lane nonprofit organization from the association.
A majority of the association’s due-paying members favored keeping the organizations together–Greenwood resigned her position as president in protest of the board’s decision.
Enter the lawyers.
At the April 2 meeting, Greenwood was joined by attorneys Anthony Cosio and Wade Miller. While Tolkoff continued the forum to a now half-empty hall, half of the attendees were outside conducting an impromptu Association meeting.
According to the April 2 minutes, members claim they were required to give majority consent to any dissolution of the “Christmas Tree Lane” event and the Wrigley Association, which was apparently not given.
The Signal Tribune will go into further detail about the Daisy Tree Lane issue following the Association’s Monday, May 7, meeting.