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A call to get mad

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What do big corporations, the oil industry, healthcare insurers, pharmaceutical companies, big-box stores and the Republican party have in common? Could it be that they have deliberately done everything possible to keep unemployment high these past two years, so Republicans can regain power in November and in 2012?
One of America’s largest stores laid off 11,000 workers this year in Arkansas alone. In Minnesota, two other stores are being boycotted for donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to a radical Republican running for governor.
Meanwhile, right here in Signal Hill, I have noticed that one of our most profitable stores often has only two cashier counters open, with as many as 10 people standing in each line.
So, you CEOS, stop firing people and hire some new ones with the millions of dollars you are spending to buy our votes.
As for you consumers, get mad at those who are manipulating you by forcing you to stand in line and keeping you on hold every time you make a phone call, only to end up talking with someone outsourced by CEOs!
And don’t blame Democrat politicians. Blame big corporations and the Republican party for creating the entire economic disaster that got us into this mess in the first place.

Robert Allan
Long Beach

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A call to get mad