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Safety at home and work should be considered during holiday season

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The holiday season is here, and the Long Beach Police Department is encouraging everyone to take extra precautions while around their homes or businesses during this festive time of year.
Suspicious activity should always be reported immediately, whether residents are at home or away. Call LBPD Dispatch at 9-1-1 or (562) 435-6711.

Below are a few simple tips to follow that may prevent the public from becoming victims.

Suggestions in and around the home
• Keep gifts away from windows
• Install motion-sensor lighting in a location where it cannot be easily tampered with
• Keep bushes and shrubbery trimmed down to eliminate places for thieves to hide
• If traveling, postpone mail and newspaper deliveries so the home doesn’t look deserted
• Do not store gifts in a vehicle or unsecured areas

If you operate a business, some of these tips may be helpful
• Lock unused doors as long as the fire code is not violated
• Keep only necessary cash in the register and vary the schedule and route of bank deposits
• Make sure cash register is clearly visible to passers-by
• Keep windows free of signs and banners so there is always a clear view into the business
• At night, keep business well lit
• Advertise the business’s security alarm system with signs in visible locations
• Develop a mutual aid system among nearby stores

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Safety at home and work should be considered during holiday season