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By Neena Strichart

‘Twas parade night on Daisy and all through the Lane
the weather was toasty, not a smidgen of rain.
The entries were lined end to end in the street
hoping to find lots of people to greet.

The kids were all snuggled beside Mom and Dad
or Auntie and Uncle, everybody was glad.
Some folks were in shorts while others wore gloves,
on sidewalks they waited while stars shone above.

The moment at last was finally arriving—
the bands started playing, the cars were all driving.
Cheerleaders were prancing, police cars were flashing.
The parade staff watched over while running and dashing.

The twinkling lights on a night oh so clear
made everyone happy their loved ones were near.
As the men, kids and ladies put on a great show
with dancing and singing, the momentum did grow.

The councilman Johnson, James is his first name,
his first year in office, politics is his game.
With Daisy his district, the parade on his mind,
he pondered and wondered how he’d ever find

the luck to enlist volunteers by the score
but there they were helping, couldn’t ask for much more.
It wasn’t by magic, it wasn’t a spell,
’twas the Mother of Daisy, sweet Maria Norvel.

Her Wrigley group helpers were there for the night
to make sure the people were filled with delight.
The years of caretaking the lane from her heart
takes plenty of planning and a gal who’s quite smart.

There were others who rode in the Lane late that eve:
politicians galore and my husband Steve.
Elected officials were there all decked out,
waving and yelling with a laugh and a shout.

My husband Steve

My husband Steve

Dee Andrews was there, and his ride was quite fancy.
Mayor Foster rode proudly with his lovely wife Nancy.
Lowenthal, I mean Bonnie, rode right down the middle
looked festive and perky and fit as a fiddle.

Garcia, Neal, Johnson in transports quite loud
their firetrucks revved as they waved to the crowd.
Don Knabe and wife Julie were dressed to the nines,
they were sparkling as much as Rudolph’s nose shines.

Furutani, Mendoza and others in step
that’s right, I saw Laura— from our House of Rep.
The best part was watching those standing nearby
with babes in their arms, some with tears in their eyes.

You could tell that the effort creating the show
could not have been sweeter, unless there’d been snow.
So all those in charge can be pleased with themselves
I’m sure Santa thinks they are good little elves.

With cars, trucks, bands, horses and a boat that I saw
and carolers singing “oh, fa la la la,”
‘Twas now time for ending and all to depart—
oh, wait, we’re forgetting our favorite part.

We listened and heard “Ho ho ho” and gave pause,
Hurray! He was here— it was dear Santa Claus.
On firetruck red, with his reindeer quite near,
he wished “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Written with love by Neena Strichart

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