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Communiqué from Rae

May 3, 2007

After more than four years and countless hours of hearings, study sessions and community meetings, the City Council voted to proceed with plans for terminal improvements for the Long Beach Airport. I voted against it and I am disappointed in th...

Thoughts from the Publisher – Something Silly

May 3, 2007

by Neena Strichart Steve and I receive lots of silly e-mail–most of it gets deleted unread. Once in a while we get a winner like the one Steve forwarded to me last week. I laughed out loud. I have included an edited versio...

Thoughts From The Publisher : Mother’s Day Essay Contest

April 26, 2007

Mother's Day has always been a big deal for our family. When I was a little girl Daddy and I would sneak out to buy Mom a present–telling her we had to “run an errand." I'm sure she knew what we were up to–and probably consi...

Commentary: Breast screening for health

April 26, 2007

Submitted by Brenda Witt, ACCT Certified Thermographer In the United States, American women are told to begin annual mammographic screening for breast cancer at age 40. Long before we've reached this age, we are advised to p...

Commentary: The Poison of Hate

April 11, 2007

Submitted by Michele Anderson Bobo Every year, the residents of Linden Avenue busy themselves with fashioning the best haunted houses and Halloween displays the city has to offer. In exchange, thousands of onlookers and trick-or...

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