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What to do with unused graves

February 8, 2013

Kenneth McKenzie Columnist On the average, I meet with 1,100 families a year here at the mortuary. I would guesstimate 50 percent of those people I meet with have already purchased cemetery property. I would say a good 25 pe...

Everything you always wanted to know about cremation but were afraid to ask

January 11, 2013

Kenneth McKenzie Columnist One of the considerations that comes up when a loved one passes is what is involved with the cremation process. These “true or false" questions may help you understand this option. True or fals...

The worst way to deal with loss is to deny, deny, deny

November 2, 2012

Kenneth McKenzie Columnist The holidays can be the most difficult time of the year to deal with a loss. It has been years since my family has been separated by deaths and we were all able to sit at one table together for a h...

Learning from death certificates

October 5, 2012

Kenneth McKenzie Columnist When I began in the funeral industry, a death certificate was 7" x 8.5" in size. They have now grown to full sheets of paper at 8.5" x 11" . Each state mandates what information is to be placed ...

When should you dispose of a departed loved one’s clothing?

September 7, 2012

Kenneth McKenzie Columnist We each have a unique scent about us that somehow gets trapped within our clothing: your grandmother's lilac perfume and fresh-baked persimmon cookies; a carpenter's freshly carved wood; a florist'...


August 10, 2012

Kenneth McKenzie Columnist Since I started in the funeral profession in 1986, families have shared similar stories over and over with me. One recurring story is the dreams people have within a few days after the death of a f...

True or false?

July 20, 2012

Kenneth McKenzie Columnist There are so many rumors are out there about death and dying and circumstances surrounding the one thing we each will experience. Some of these rumors are so old that many people take them as fac...

Determine your child’s comfort level when dealing with death of loved ones

June 8, 2012

Kenneth McKenzie Columnist Do you take a child to see a deceased relative or not? I can only speak from my own experience. I am very grateful to my mother that she had the common sense to simply ask the four of us kids ...

It’s a Matter of Life

May 18, 2012

Why do we need to send flowers to a funeral? I mean, why flowers? Who was the guy that said, “When someone dies you send flowers?" Is it to distract the grieving family from the deceased in the casket? Actually the act of...

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