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The following are crimes that are consistently updated and provided by the Signal Hill Police Department.

Thursday, February 20
12:24am, Hit and run/property damage, E. Willow St. and Palm Dr. (suspect arrested)
4:33pm, Stolen vehicle – recovered, 1800 block Stanley Ave.
6:23pm, Grand theft; taking vehicle without owner’s consent/vehicle theft; possessing paraphernalia; possessing controlled substance, Gundry Ave./E. 33rd St. (suspect arrested)
6:49pm, Stolen vehicle – recovered, 1400 block E. 33rd St.
8:27pm, Forgery, 2400 block California Ave.

Friday, February 21
12:53am, Auto burglary, 2000 block Dawson Ave.
6:51am, Possessing controlled substance; indecent exposure, 2600 block Wall St. (suspect arrested)
9:16am, Burglary, 3100 block Orange Ave.
11:35am, Burglary, 2200 block Cherry Ave.
11:40am, Battery, E. 20th St./Obispo Ave.
5:17pm, Battery, 1900 block Cherry Ave.
6:14pm, False identification to a Peace Officer; burglary, alter/forge/falsify driver’s license; possessing driver’s license to commit forgery; forge Official Seal; appropriate lost property; possessing personal identifying info with intent to defraud, 2700 Cherry Ave. (suspect arrested)

Saturday, February 22
6:22pm, 3 misdemeanor warrants, 1600 block E. Willow St.

Sunday, February 23
7:13am, Possessing paraphernalia, misdemeanor warrant at the 2500 block of East. PCH (suspect arrested)
3:09pm, Get credit, etc, other’s id, 2700 block Cherry Ave.
(suspect arrested)
3:09pm, Driving while license suspended/revoked; receiving known stolen property; get credit, etc other’s id; misdemeanor warrant, 2700 block Cherry Ave. (suspect arrested)
9:29pm, Possessing paraphernalia; possessing controlled substance; violate protective order/domestic violence w/prior, 900 block E. 33rd St. (suspect arrested)
10:32pm, DUI causing bodily injury, E. Willow St./Orange Ave. (suspect arrested)

Monday, February 24
4:25am, Burglary, 1200 block E. 29th St.
7:21am, Burglary, 3100 block Orange Ave.
9:00am, Auto burglary, 2100 block Gundry Ave.
3:16pm, Auto burglary, 2400 block California Ave.
8:43pm, Identity theft, 2400 block California Ave.

Tuesday, February 25
8:25pm, Battery, 1900 block Cherry Ave.

Wednesday, February 26
11:17am, Possessing paraphernalia; possessing controlled substance; misdemeanor warrant, 1800 block E. Hill St. (suspect arrested)
11:42am, Grand theft – motor vehicle, 1200 block E. 29th St.
12:21pm, Grand theft – motor vehicle, 2300 block E. Spring St.
3:47pm, Elder abuse, 2300 block E. 21st St.
3:51pm, Burglary, 1300 block E. Burnett St.
6:43pm, Battery on spouse/co-habitant, 3500 block E. PCH (2 suspects arrested)

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